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Back-2-Nature small animal bedding and litter testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Here are testimonials from owners, breeders, vets and boarding facilities.


Testimonials from small animal owners

  •  "I have to say that in my opinion it is the best thing you can use. When used over Christmas I did not have to clean my rats out for 4 weeks before there was "eau de urine"."
    J. Davis, Rat Owner, UK
  • "I purchased Back-2-Nature bedding for small animals and reptiles, and it has worked very well."
    S. Cole, Majestic Morphs, UK
  • "I run a large Rodent Rescue and specialise in the fancy rats. I am a member of the YRC rat club in Leeds. At a recent show I managed to obtain a free trial sample of your Back-2-Nature bedding which I have tried in a cage and really liked."
    Cynthia, Rat Breeder, UK
  • "We have been so pleased and impressed with Back-2-Nature as a substrate in the cages. It really is dust free and after 1 week we have reached 'clean out' day again and still the cages are odour free. This is amazing, especially considering we have 2 large Explorer cages housing 12 girls in each! It also seems to have absorbed everything without becoming soggy and sticky and welding itself to the corners of the cage trays - unlike some things we have tried before. The substrate has also proved great for use in corner litter trays and when we tried it out in the carrier when we took some rats out. We'd be happy to recommend this product to any rat owners. Often we try things out and go straight back to our old favourite products having been disappointed or finding the new product just doesn't live up to the claims made, but we've been converted and will certainly be using Back-2-Nature ourselves in future."
    Sheena and Nick, Rat Breeders, UK
  • "I have tried this product with my four rats and I must say it is excellent!!! Spot cleaning wet areas was easy, best of all was its control of the usual rat odours which I can say took me three weeks to even notice “ode da urine”."
    Julia, National Rat Fanciers Association, UK
  • "I have heard and continue to hear many good reports about this product, so convinced by the comments I met the FibreCycle people at Small Animal Show in Harrogate and purchased a large quantity of the product myself."
    Sarah, National Rat Fanciers Association, UK

Testimonial from store manager

  • (In letter to other store managers)
    "I have to say, I was very excited to get this new bedding in.  I have really bad allergies and don't do well with many beddings out there.  I tried a sample pack of Back-2-Nature and absolutely LOVE IT!!! It is awesome! Absolutely no odor and no dust... I LOVE IT.  I highly recommend it to anyone!!!  Every time I sell an animal to a parent (or anyone) I used to say that (Product X) is the best for allergies.  Now I can sell this.  Back-2-Nature is better than (Product X). Back-2-Nature is exceptional for odor absorbing... I thought I would let everyone know just in case it hasn't been tried yet.  My allergies thank you for getting this product!"
    R. Furtado, Store Manager, USA

Testimonials from veterinarians

  • "Your litter is fast becoming a preferred product for use with snakes and lizards over here (in Australia). People are using it in their snake tanks and finding it very good, for the same reasons it is a good kitty litter."
    S. & L. Andersen, Pet Shop Owners, Australia

Testimonials from breeding bodies

  • "Hygiene:
    Ideal, as it did a good job ,keeping the moisture off of the rabbits feet and staying dry on the top
    Odour Control:
    It would really score with house rabbits for their litter trays, having no smell, being very absorbent
    Ease of Use:
    Having that consistency would not kick out of the indoor litter cages unlike shavings and the like and onto carpets etc
    An excellent product"
    P. Hopkins, British Rabbit Council